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Irene Kang Hamons Graphic Recording Facilitator


Irene Kang HAMONS

Irene Hamons is a committed and experienced lead facilitator, speaker, visual recorder, and project lead at Art of Awakening. She is passionate about supporting learners to apply new skills in work and life. 

After a 13 year career in the hospitality and tourism industry, cumulating in her last held position as the Head of Admissions, Youth Leaders Mentor and Chairman of School Events Committee for SHATEC (Singapore Hotel and Tourism Education Centre), Irene decided to bring her experience in training and project management, together with her lifelong passion for art and creativity, and merge with a creative thinking consultancy.

In 2011, she co-founded Art of Awakening; a communication solutions consultancy employing creative and visual thinking processes and tools to support businesses and educational environments to boost learning and clarify communications.

Irene is a strong believer in the impact of visuals to the learning process and would include visual learning tools as part of the learning design, using tools such as mind mapping, visual brainstorming, agenda design, metaphor and stories telling. With her partner and team, Irene contributes to her community development through volunteering their work with non-organizations. One of her recent contributions was at the 17th IAF Asia Conference 2014 where she creates impactful visuals for “Application of Positive Deviances on Organisation Change” and “Let’s Create New Facilitation Tools and Methods”.

Irene is also an Associate member of Asia Professional Speaker Singapore and MotherEarth Toastmaster Club. She holds a BA in (Communication and Media Management) - University of South Australia. She is also a Work Skill Qualified Managerial Facilitator for Learning and Personal Development by WDA since April 2009, a Certified Trainer by ITE, Singapore since May 2000 and a Certified Instructor by ExecuTrain - South East Asia in September 1997. To sharpen her skills in visual thinking and visual recording, she attended the program Graphic Recording 101, as part of the annual professional development conference for visual practitioners, organized by the International Forum of Visual Practitioners (IFVP), held in 2014 in Berlin, Germany.

Irene was invited by DUKE-NUS as a speaker for Visual Thinking. Her visual work was featured in CNA as well as International Facilitator Association (Japan).

Her biggest project in 2018 is to co-create a new series of visual facilitation tools and strategies to mentor Individuals in goal settings and leaders in corporate planning and visioning.

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