Visual Coaching

An Overview


​I will coach you on Visual Thinking skills, tools and applications. I will give you the

confidence to bring visual tools and live drawing into your events. Applications

include: facilitating meetings, delivering presentations, identifying & solving problems.

Visual Coaching Session Overview

  • Intention - What do you want to focus on, what do you want as a result of this session. We will discuss what are your questions,  challenges, and agree on an intended outcome for the session.

  • Goal - Set the goal for the session.

  • Coaching - We will dive into your intention. This may include brainstorming, drawing together, sharing case studies and samples, using relevant tools and approaches.

  • Commitment - Identify and commit to action - what might be in the way, potential barriers.

  • Outcomes - What are the key outcomes of the session.

  • Accountability - How will you hold yourself to what you commit to until next time? This may include Homework, assignments, or specific practise.


Who can Benefit

  • Facilitators, Coaches, Leaders, Educators, Trainers, Researchers, UX Designers

Suggested Ways to Best Use our Time

  • I will coach you on Visual Thinking skills and applications which you can use in your professional events to deliver content, solve problems for your stakeholder,  facilitate engaging meetings

  • We can use the session to brainstorm an upcoming event, or further applications of the tools, skills and frameworks we cover in our workshops

  • We can also draw a visual map to explore a specific idea, question you may, or an upcoming project.


What You can Expect from Me

  • 100% commitment during our session together. I will share with you the best of our tools, resources, frameworks. I will aspire to answer your questions and support you with the right ideas and mix of visual coaching, methodology.

  • We will share resources from our VFL workbook, The World of Visual Facilitation and other materials.



  • You will draw at least one A4 sheet with visual notes of the session

  • Printable visual notes I've drawn  in jpg  

  • I will link you with additional resources or assignments

Client Responsibilities

  • Bring a specific question or intention 

  • Take responsibility for your learning

  • Bring markers and notebook or paper and be ready to draw

  • Set up a DIY document camera 

  • Complete any homework


  • Zoom Call. I will use a document camera or tablet to draw during our session. I will encourage you to draw along with me. We can also draw on flipchart if this is relevant to your intended outcome.


1 hour US$99 / 2 hours US$150

*2 hours are best used as 2 different sessions of one hour each, used within one month.

To know more information about Visual Coaching, please contact me at



8 Sin Ming Road, #03-07

Sin Ming Centre

Singapore 228186

Office: +65 6604 4006



Mobile/Whatsapp: +65  8484 9880



Mobile/Whatsapp: +65 8288 4880

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