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Re-ignite Creative Solutions Visually

Draw Ideas, Change the World


WHO we are

We are  your dynamic, creative visual consultancy partner

helping you to boost engagement, alignment, and create success in your meeting or conference, through our visual communication strategies, tools, and solutions.


We believe that the key to creating an innovative culture and better group outcomes come from having an exciting and inviting learning environment, with smart, creative, and thoughtfully considered tools and processes.  

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Who we are
What we do

WHAT we do

We design and create visual solutions for transformational change, leadership development, and strategic corporate short & long term plan 

We listen attentively like your thought partner. We will schedule a pre-event conversation with you to understand your aspiration and the objectives.  In the process, we demonstrate how visualization and design thinking can be used to get more creative and productive results. We will recommend and design suitable visual tools, framework and solutions to guide your organizations and communities to get sustainable results and achieve your objectives.



Visual Consultation

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Visual Facilitation

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We design and facilitate engaging learning solution for your team.

Our visual thinking tools and visual facilitation programme support teams to generate more ideas, focus on the shared vision and see the big picture. We get your groups drawing out inspiring narratives for change, journey maps of visioning, and storyboards for marketing in our fun and engaging visual Labs.

Turn your meeting, conference 
and leadership planning session into an inspiring vibrant and engaging learning event.

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Digital Visual Recording

Drawing live on the spot, we synthesize and translate presentations, brainstormings, strategy sessions, into colorful and meaningful visual stories with images and words through different platform and medium.  


  • Digital Visual Recording

  • Visual Recording

  • Visual Wall

  • Visual Illustration


We inspire your conference delegates with big picture visioning and re-frame problem-solving with our interactive visual keynotes.

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Visual Recording

visual wall.GIF

Visual Wall


Visual Animation


We transform your product and services into visual animated stories.

We tailored our storyboards to your company’s culture, showcasing your product and service ideas via:

  • Time-Lapses Visuals

  • Digital Visual Animations

  • Infographics Presentation


Visual Interactive Talks

We speak with visuals, and our visual stories connect you to your CPR (Clarity, Purpose and Results). 

7min Power Tips to 90 minutes of Visual Talks, we leave audiences with an Impactful. Our talks are unique, interactive, fun and results-oriented! We craft our talk to meet your desired outcome. Some titles include (not limited to):

  • “Picture Your Purpose”

  • "Visual Goal Setting for Impactful Future"

  • “Visual Storytelling for Influence”

Why Visual

Visuals help in simplifying and breaking down complex concepts, processes and eliminating jargons. 

WHY Visual?

Visuals help make anything look better, transforming a boring report into an engaging one!

Messages are made easier to communicate across all levels of the organization. break communication barriers one visual at a time.

The World of Visual Facilitation
The World of Visual Facilitation
The World of Visual Facilitation
The World of Visual Facilitation

The World of Visual Facilitation

Art of Awakening



our Clients


Some of the organizations we have worked with include:


Accenture, Bain, Changi Airport Group, Citibank, DBS Bank, The Economist, HCLI, Graebel, IBM, IMD, Julias Bar, KPMG, Korn-Ferry International, Lego, Linkedin, Microsoft, MINDEF, Nike, Oracle, Pizzahut, P&G, PWC, Rockefeller Foundation, SAP, SIP, SIF, SportSG, Sony, Tedx, Thomson Reuters, Twitter, Veeva, and many others."


Our Partners

Our Global Partners:


KORU Consulting Limited



TAF Facilitation


We are Ambassador for:

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We are member of:


Our Gifts

Visuals Tools

A guide to Art of Awakening’s must-have Neuland tools for Visual facilitation, graphic recording or simply sketchnoting with clients. We use these markers on a daily basis! 

Facilitation Tools

Here are our TOP picks for
facilitation essentials. One of them is definitely Post-It products
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