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About Me:

- Journey into Visual Facilitation
- With a passion for exploring the intersection of wellness tools and visual expression, Tim Hamons has been a pivotal force in the field since 1991. As an American Citizen residing in Singapore, Tim's journey unfolds through a myriad of experiences, setting up Art of Awakening in 2011 with his wife Irene to transform meetings and conversations through interactive visual storytelling.
- Connecting Across Continents

- Tim has not only spoken but deeply connected with audiences across South East Asia, including Japan, India, Malaysia, Indonesia, China, Bahrain, Hong Kong, Australia, and Singapore, leaving a trail of visual inspiration.
- Igniting Creativity, Connection, and Collaboration through Visual Facilitation

- Igniting Creativity, Connection, and Collaboration through Visual Facilitation
Keynote Speeches:
  • Recent Keynotes:
    • Unveiling Purpose: A Clearer Picture of Your Purpose
    • Dive into the details of Tim's recent keynote that captivated 400 insurance professionals, providing a clearer picture of purpose and engagement. Explore how this interactive keynote has resonated with diverse audiences, from the IAF Global conference to international facilitators shaping strategic visions.
  • Client Success Stories:
    • Empowering Brands: Success Stories
    • Discover how Microsoft Hong Kong, Julius Baer Investment Bank, and global consulting firms benefited from Tim's expertise in visual storytelling. Uncover the journey of leaders as they learned the art of listening, shaping engaging narratives, and creating impactful murals.

Speaking Engagements:

  • Geographical Reach:
    • Around the World with Tim
    • Explore the map or list showcasing Tim's extensive speaking engagements, traversing regions and countries. Each pin on the map signifies a chapter in Tim's global journey.


  • Book Information:
    • The World of Visual Facilitation: A Global Collection
    • Tim takes pride as one of the co-editors of "The World of Visual Facilitation," a global collection of stories, strategies, tools, and frameworks shared by 54 contributing authors. Delve into the insights and wisdom encapsulated within this collaborative masterpiece.


  • Visual Artwork:
    • Journey Through Visual Creations
    • Immerse yourself in Tim's visual creations, a testament to the power of visual thinking. From sketches to murals, each piece narrates a unique visual story, capturing the essence of Tim's expertise.
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Simple, excellent teaching skills
Tim has made the session very interesting and conducive to learning. I certainly have learnt a lot about visual thinking tools and am looking forward to putting these skills to good use.

Shirley Poon, MOE


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