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🌈 Introducing the Holiday Reflection Template 🌈

What are your Holiday Wishes? We've crafted a special visual template to help you express them. Here's how to make the most of it:

📝 Grab your favorite hot drink and some markers.
🌳 Write your wishes for different aspects of your life on the tree.
🤔 Reflect on key areas: What are you grateful for? What resources do you have? What are your gifts, and what do you wish to let go of?
✍️ Personalize and emotionalize your reflections with drawing, doodling, and coloring.
📖 Use this as a tool for self-awareness, supporting your year-end goal-setting and vision planning.
👀 Keep the Magic Alive 🌟

Display your creation where you can see it daily. Let the goodwill, spirit, and stories of the holiday season infuse your thoughts and actions. Use this as a reminder that what we pay attention to is what grows.

🔮 Call to Action: Embrace the Magic 🎁

Now, I challenge you: What are your Holiday Wishes? Take a moment to express them in our specially created seasonal visual template. Share your reflections, and let the magic of the season guide your aspirations.

May this holiday season be filled with joy, reflection, and the inspiration to make conscious choices for a bright future. ✨


Visual created by our Founder, Tim Hamons. Original Idea inspired by our Co-founder, Irene Hamons in 2018. Enjoy using this tool for reflection. Use your favorite neuland pens to color, draw, personalize it. ​


With love from Tim & Irene Hamons and AoA family.

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