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Visual Sketch Noting 

A Course for Teachers, Students and Parents

*Course Synopsis*

Research shows that the key to learning and engagement is emotion. Visual storytelling takes advantage of our brains preference for visual information over text. By intentionally using and creating visual icons and stories, we are activating our learner's intuitive right brain and triggering emotional connections, stimulating imagination, boosting retention and big-picture thinking. This will helps students to communicate with more confidence and impact.

Our session will provide you with a foundation of the tools, and techniques of studying and thinking visually, as well as hands-on practice in using visual tools for ideas generation, creating an impactful presentation, individual and group learning.

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*Possible Applications*

  • Include visual note taking in the classroom and presentations

  • Build your confidence in drawing, thinking, and listening

  • Effectively incorporate more visuals into your studies for greater impact and engagement

  • Use visual tools to enhance learning and communications on many levels