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We Draw

Idea . Conversation . Outcome

What is Visual Recording? 


Visual Recording is a visual representation of complex ideas, multilevel conversation and derived outcome. We synthesise and simplify them into visual stories, reflective infographics and the big picture. Our visual summary is a powerful tool to strengthen ties and build loyalty with various stakeholders.



Live Visual Recording

Traditional Visual Recordings are mostly done LIVE in front of audiences. We set up a large board/ wall and draw live. 

Online Visual Recording 

We capture visual content digitally with an option to live stream the process to your worldwide audiences.


Webinar & Conference


We capture and summarize the plenary sessions. It is a visual summary, to support participants learning and to enable ideas from the various breakouts to be shared among the entire group.


& Workshops


We create learning output including  participants questions, comments, highlights and take-aways of key ideas expressed in each session. 

Size Matters

Large Visual Wall

To wow your audiences, we draw on the big large wall or glass panels. These large walls not only capture the audience's attention, but it is also often the most talk about feature, connecting the audiences and provide great social media exposure.

Great for Product Launch, Marketing, Corporate Vision Map, Client Engagement 

Majestic Visual Tower

Visual Tower is an economic and aesthetic way to display visual recording. They add an inviting, architectural dimension to the event. 

visual has power.png
Memory Power.png
Infor Processing Power.png
Communication Power.png
Emotion Power.png

Our Process

Pre event .PNG


We listen to your event objectives 

and brainstorm with you

to achieve a desirable outcome.

During event1.JPG


We enter the event early for setup. 

We stay focus with our listening and 

capture key discussions

Post event2.JPG


Apart from the soft and hardcopy of the visual,

we create post-event tools to strengthen ties

and build loyalty with various stakeholders.



Building Sustainable Futures Forum


"Tim sketches non-stop throughout the entire day, transcribing ideas, statistic, data into visuals on 5  giant canvas.  Our forum was brought to life in the time-lapse film of Tim Hamons's work. That was one of the most spectacular media used at the forum"

Roger Kasper,  Olam

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