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We Draw

Idea . Conversation . Outcome

What is Visual Recording? 


Visual Recording is a visual representation of complex ideas, multilevel conversation and derived outcome. We synthesise and simplify them into visual stories, reflective infographics and the big picture. Our visual summary is a powerful tool to strengthen ties and build loyalty with various stakeholders.



Live Visual Recording

Traditional Visual Recordings are mostly done LIVE in front of audiences. We set up a large board/ wall and draw live. 

Online Visual Recording 

We capture visual content digitally with an option to live stream the process to your worldwide audiences.


Webinar & Conference


We capture and summarize the plenary sessions. It is a visual summary, to support participants learning and to enable ideas from the various breakouts to be shared among the entire group.


& Workshops


We create learning output including  participants questions, comments, highlights and take-aways of key ideas expressed in each session. 

Size Matters