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Upcoming Events

    Wed, Jun 28
    Jun 28, 7:00 PM GMT+8
    Singapore, 8 Sin Ming Rd, #01 03, Singapore 575628
    What are your preparation to meet your Impactful New You ? How do we conquer challenges and head off to progress?
  • Visual Facilitation Lab - Singapore JULY 2023
    Jul 21, 9:30 AM GMT+8 – Jul 22, 5:30 PM GMT+8
    MAD School, Riverside Point, #03-22, 30 Merchant Road, 30 Merchant Rd, Singapore 058282
    Visual facilitation is the process of identifying, expressing, moving ideas and conversations forward using visual tools, models, and method
  • Visual Master Class Series - Sketch Noting Essentials
    Jul 31, 6:00 PM GMT+8
    Turn your communication into compelling visual stories! Too much content and not enough connection. This is what could be said about many of our virtual and even in-person meetings. Connection is what we crave as humans. We can create connection through story, and story, through visuals.
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