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Visual Masterclass Series: Visual Sketchnoting Essentials

*Course Synopsis*

Too much content and not enough connection. This is what could be said about many of our virtual and even in-person meetings. Connection is what we crave as humans. We can create connection through story, and story, through visuals. When you bring visuals into your notes and meetings, everyone's brain lights up. 

In this hands-on masterclass with visual strategist Tim Hamons, you will learn how to transform written or verbal ideas and messages into compelling visual summaries. The many benefits of sketchnoting include increased engagement, better memory and retention, and a boost in your sense-making through connection ideas.

You will learn how to summarize messages into visual narratives for yourself and your audience, explore various layouts, visual frameworks, and keys to sketchnoting, and create your own first (or next) sketchnote. You will learn the keys to being a better listener and how to look for the visual narrative.

You will build on your learning through practical exercises and receive invaluable feedback from Tim and your peers through collaborative exercises throughout the session.

Whether you are a manager, educator, researcher, facilitator, content creator, coach, or consultant, visual sketchnoting will help you organize and clarify your thinking and will impact and inspire the participants in your meetings and presentations.

*Course Content (120min)*

  • Intro to Sketchnotes and the Power of visual note-making

  • Listening & Drawing: your visual superpower

  • 5 Keys to Sketchnoting: practice the foundations

  • 3 Foundational Layouts

  • Visual Brainstorming: icons and visual language for visual storytelling

  • Frameworks for Transforming Content from verbal to visual

  • Create a sketchnote together

  • Applications to your meetings, classrooms, presentations, and more!

  • Q & A

*Masterclass Bonus*

🌟 ㊕ BONUS #1 (40min)

Personal Creative Visioning: "Breathing In - Drawing Out" (BIDO)

Drawing using a combination of creative visualization ad drawing tools, you will explore what is something you would like to bring in, and something you would like to let go of.

This session can support your integration of new skill learning in the sketchnoting class and develop confidence in its applications in personal and professional development

  • Release

  • Reflect

  • Reimagine

  • ... using visual tools

🌟 ㊕ BONUS #2 (20min)

Digital Sketchnoting Tips: making the transition from paper to pixel

We will share some of the best practices, apps, and tools to both transfer and create your paper sketchnotes into a digital format. The apps we use are Procreate, and Sketches School. We also share a few visual thinking resources you might already have in your smartphone.

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