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Our Team

Irene Sunshine Hamons - Managing Director, Visual Facilitator & Speaker

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Irene Sunshine Hamons is a committed and experienced lead facilitator, transformation speaker, and team lead at Art of Awakening. She is passionate about supporting learners to apply new skills in work and life. She co-founded the company in 2011 and has been using visual thinking processes and tools to support businesses and educational environments to boost learning and clarify communications.

Tim Hamons - Visual Strategist, Visual Facilitator & Creative Speaker

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Tim Hamons is a dynamic and creative speaker, trainer, and facilitator, with over 20 years of experience working with individuals, organizations, and teams to harness their creative resources for organizational success. He has worked with many organizations, using these tools to design and deliver programs on innovation, change management, brand and leadership strategy, and team development.  A highly experienced facilitator and trainer with expertise gained in corporate, non-profit and government sectors, he has delivered training and facilitated programs in China, Indonesia, Hong Kong, Thailand, Philippines, Malaysia, India, Brunei, Vietnam, Australia. He is a member of the International Association of Facilitators and has been a board member of the International Forum of Visual Practitioners for the past 5 years.

Ning Wong - Associate Facilitator, Change Strategist


Ning is a facilitator and change strategist affiliate with Art of Awakening. A dynamic

individual, she loves to challenge the status quo anytime, anywhere to excite positive transformations in organisations’ ethos and performance, stakeholders’ mindsets and end-users’ experiences.

Alejendra East - Associate Facilitator, Leadership


Alejendrah is passsionate about guiding individuals and organizations transform and step into their power, able to fulfill their dreams and life fulfilling lives. Having worked with people from different nationalities in different countries, and being a world traveler has enriched her views on humanity and is able to unlock what many thought ‘unlockable’ You must experience the magic she creates in the training room!

Chan Wai - Senior Graphic Recorder, Associate Facilitator


Chan Wai is our Visual Recorder based in Malaysia.


Graphic recording and design came naturally for Chan Wai after working at international agencies such as Saatchi Malaysia, Bozell, McCanns, Bates Worldwide and BBDO plus several smaller local agencies. He uses his drawing skills and creative thinking from his ad agency experience to summarise and illustrate complex ideas.

Lee Jillian - Senior Graphic Recorder & Associate Facilitator

South Korea

Jillian is our Visual Recorder based in South Korea. 

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