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Facilitator Tool Kit - BRAINSTORM consists of:

  1. Post-it® Super Sticky Easel Pads (White) - 4 pads
  2. Post-it® Super Sticky (Rio De Janeiro) - 12 pads



Post-it® Super Sticky Easel Pads

Model No: 559 Easel Pad

Size of Pad: 25" x 30.5"

No. of Pad: 4 Pads

No. of Sheets/pad: 30 Sheets

Color : White


Post-it® Super Sticky 

Model No: 654-12SSUC-CP

Size of Pad: 3”x3”

No. of Pad: 12 Pads

No. of Sheets/pad: 90 Sheets

Color : Rio De Janeiro

Facilitator Tool Kit - Basic

S$204.90 Regular Price
S$163.92Sale Price
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