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From Visual Ideas to Visual Synthesis: Graphic Facilitation Master Class Module 3, Strate School of

Samples of student outputs for synthesis: 1 radiating mind map approach with building on the theme of “independence” with 3 key sub-themes, 2.  Cluster map reflecting times of the day to build on the theme of “food” and “community”

Quick update on where we are: Module 3: from visual ideas to visual synthesis.

Building on the quick visual icons generated in week 2 lesson, We next worked to generate content around “quality of life” for our target group of seniors.

Exploring headings and titles

We spent 3 mins writing out ideas on post it’s, then cluster and group like items. They next formed small teams and each chose one content area to work on creating a deeper visual story. The brief was to tell us a broader story around the quality of life through their chosen lens of “social” or “ independence”. After looking at a variety of visual solutions including live GR and studio work, the groups worked on their models.

One group chose a radiating “mind map” approach based on times of the day, while another chose to focus on comparing 3 different aspects of independence on a type of visual scale.

We worked on a few optional approaches to synthesize content

The presentations led to a lively discussion on emphasis, story, contrast, color usage, and hierarchy of communication. We worked together on various optional ways and approaches to synthesize content.

The key starting point is always “what’s my objective” which then informs the content choices and the “lens” you look through.

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