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Visual & Modular Storytelling with “Accounting in a Box”

We are all looking for new and meaningful ways to bring more engagement to our meetings. How about a visual card deck with the key points from your workshop or presentation? Here’s a case study of how we did this with one client who teaches “financial storytelling”.


“Accounting in a Box” began as live scribing in James Leong C Foo excellent workshop: “finance for non-financial people”. After the workshop, we debriefed with the client, decided on content re-structuring and ordering, then our creative team got to work on the visuals- one concept and visual for each card.

James teaches finance through stories. Each card refers to a specific principle, lesson or idea he covers in the class. The modular design makes them a great tool for discussing approaches or designing solutions. The cards are now a key part of the reflection process, for brainstorming applications of ideas in a group, and other activities both inside and outside the workshops.


Building upon the live graphic recording as well as these story-rich cards, he was inspired to come up with a new angle for his brand in “The Financial Storyteller”.

What are some specific creative tools you can create or bring into your learning environment? In what ways can you extend the learning to your meeting participants?

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